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This section contains only the list of the congresses with specific websites.

The complete list of lectures, congresses and othe events organised by the Department are available (in Italian) in the Events section.


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22-24 November 2017
Alter/ego. Encounters and conflicts in the definition of the other and determination of the self.


The Alter/ego, encounters and conflicts in the definition of the Other and in the determination of Self conference is addressed to graduate PhD programs, PhD candidates and early-career researchers (no more than 3 years after graduation) to debate on the subject of other, otherness, and its implications. The Organizing Committee will be pleased to welcome proposals that can provide a merge of different methodological approaches to the analysis and interpretation of the text: the hermeneutics of texts can provide instruments and responses to the interpretation of current world issues.

13-14 July 2017
Values in a Changing World


Cultures are defined by their core values. As our human world is moving through profound changes and internal strives, adjustment and dialogue in values are looming ever more urgent.  Local and traditional values are incessantly challenged by the development of high technologies, the spread of the internet and social media, and regional and global financial and social crises, while new values are coined and consumed with or without our notice. The promotion of Core Values in China has already galvanized a new consciousness of value dialogues. In 2016, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have wakened up millions to see a different world of values surrounding us.
In view of all these changes and challenges, the School of Philosophy of Beijing Normal University, the Department of Humanities of the University of Macerata, and the International Society for Value Inquiry will hold the Macerata International Forum on Values, with the theme “Values in a Changing World”, from 13 to 14 July 2017 at the University of Macerata, Italy.  Philosophers and other scholars from around the world will be welcomed to discuss issues of values in a changing world to promote inquiry, reflection, and mutual understanding.


18-20 May 2017

Roma ed il mondo adriatico: dalla ricerca archeologica alla pianificazione del territorio



3-5 March 2016

Languaging diversity 2016: Language(s) and power
Writing, reading, interpreting, translating, reporting and re-telling are all activities which draw different cultures and languages together. Diversity is at the core of all these activities, which generate lingua-cultural encounters and clashes, often leading to new beginnings, more or less hybrid spaces and identities.

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10-11 December 2015

Italian 'Pluriverso': Linguistic-cultural crossroads and migration patterns in the Italian Language
Day 1 - (Italian as emigration language): Campus L’Infinito, Recanati (MC)
Day 2 - (Italian as immigration language): University of Macerata

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22-23 September 2014
Humboldt Kolleg Macerata 2014:
The Commented Psalter by Bruno of Würzburg: Latinitas in the Slavic World

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22-24 May 2014 / ISNITE 2014: New issues on teacher education / III International Symposium

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