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65th Congress of Phenomenology - November 9-11, 2016

Cultivation as a Paradigm For Sustainable Production and Ecological Human Formation

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Macerata, Polo Pantaleoni, Via Armaroli

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World Phenomenology Institute

The World Phenomenology Institute

  • William S. Smith, Executive President
  • Jadwiga S. Smith, Co-President of American Division
  • Daniela Verducci, Co-President of European/Asian Division
  • Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, Founder


The International Society for Phenomenology and the Sciences of Life

  • Francesco Totaro, President

together with

The Department of Humanistic Studies “Philosophy” Section

  • Roberto Mancini, President

The Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism “Environment & Territory” Section

  • Gian Luigi Corinto, President;

of The University of Macerata (Italy)


The 65th Congress of Phenomenology
Macerata, Polo Pantaleoni, Via Armaroli
November 9-11, 2016

Cultivation as a Paradigm For Sustainable Production and Ecological Human Formation
Starting from the Phenomenology of Life and Taking an Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Perspective

The real possibility of the new philosophical and operational paradigm of cultivation, flowing from the phenomenology of life of Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, emerged with particular force at the 64th Conference of Phenomenology held at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, October 1-3, 2014 and dedicated to exploring “Ecophenomenology. Life, Human Life, Post-Human Life in the Harmony of the Cosmos.”

Based on both the immediate intuition of the constructivism of life as it coincides with our own creative constructivism and the discovery that there is a unique logos that, as a living metamorphic force of ontopoiesis, induces and regulates the becoming and development of being in its interality, such a new paradigm could finally promote an evolutive ontological conception and, consequentially, a theoretical and effective practice of “cultivation” of the still unexpressed virtualities of being. In this way, the spontaneous establishment of ecologically sustainable interventions will be favoured, oriented and guided by those affordances that each being – inorganic, organic, and human – manifests, if appropriately investigated. Through the paradigm of cultivation, therefore, we can be able to validly support, in terms of global sustainability of development, the current forms of meaning-bestowal to the world in order to stimulate further transformations that are ecologically favourable.

Of special interest are contributions that 1) theoretically delineate the crucial characteristics of the paradigm of cultivation, especially in reference to the phenomenology of life of A.-T. Tymieniecka; 2) propose, in any field, examples of practical application of this paradigm, that reveal specific properties of it, and in general, its tendency to validly increase and support sustainability of production and human development.

(CLICK HERE to read the Background Information about the Macerata Congress.)

- Abstracts due: August 13, 2016

- Full papers due: January 17, 2017

- Registration Fee: USD 250.00 (Graduate student and emeriti: USD 100.00)

(For University of Macerata scholars, registration fee is USD 125.00; Graduate students: USD 50.00)

- Please note that all participants are expected to be members of the World Phenomenology Institute.

Membership dues are USD 70.00 per year (Graduate student and emeriti: USD 30.00)

- Registration fee and membership dues must be paid by October 10, 2016

- Please submit abstracts and full papers to:

Papers will be considered for publication in the peer-review books series, Analecta Husserliana and Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology in Dialogue, edited by the World Phenomenology Institute and published by Springer. Both of the series are SCOPUS/ISI/WOS indexed.

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