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Main research subjects:

Philosophy and Human Sciences Section

History of Philosophy: Plato, dialectics, ethics and anthropology in the Greek world, Scotism, will, history of the uncertainty principle, Spinoza, Enlightenment, Uriel da Costa, Leo Strauss. Theoretical Philosophy: philosophy of the dialogue among religions, translation, anthropology, dialogue. Moral Philosophy: reciprocity and moral, bioethics, Augustine, anthropology of proximity, ethics and deliberative democracy, utopia. Aesthetics, Logic, Philosophy of Science and Language: style and form, analytic aesthetics, teleology, thought experiment, mind and ontology, time, elocution, biophilology. Psychological and Pedagogical Field: forecast of glares behaviours on flat mirrors, experimental phenomenology of perception, theory of intelligence, education in a lifelong learning perspective.

Ancient and Modern Languages Section
Literary translation, applied to the media, dubbing; identity and otherness in foreign languages and cultures; Linguistic and cultural mediation and interpreting; bilingualism, multilingualism and language teaching; History of ideas and of literary movements from the ancient to the contemporary era; Greek and Latin poetry and culture in late antiquity and in the Middle Ages.

Linguistics, Literature and Philology Section

“Scritture brevi” (“short writings”, topic of a national research project); communication between the West and the East in Jesuit linguistics; the syntax of ancient Italian; Futurism; specific themes in contemporary Italian literature; Leopardi’s literature; Traiano Boccalini; the fox and other animals in Medieval French literature; theoretical implications of lexicography; cataloguing of ancient Indian lexicon; Russian literature between the XVIII and XX centuries; Latin grammar in Russia during the  Middle Ages; the Ireland English variety ; the study of calendars during the German Middle Ages; proverbs in modern Chinese; the Egyptian novel; religious trends in Arabic literatures; Hellenistic theatre and pseudo-Aristotle; audio-tactile theory in musicology.

History Section

This section deals with historical research from the ancient era to the contemporary era, from Italy to Europe, from the West to the world, and studies sources and social, political, cultural and economic phenomena. We pay particular attention to cinema and multimedia language and culture, in relation to historical knowledge, considering them as real factors of history. This section also focuses on figurative arts and the historical and artistic tradition, crediting artistic evidences and artefacts with the text and document status, and their study with a fundamental contribution to methodology.